Monday 12 February 2018

6 Ways to Spend Valentine with your Dog

With Sam working shifts, it's usually the normal that I spend Valentine with Sev and Lily, and that's perfectly okay!
If you too will spend Valentine with your dog, here's a few ideas on how to make it the most perfect day ♥

A walk along the beach
The British Seaside in the Winter time is one of our favourite things, it's peaceful, quiet and still as much fun running along the waves and digging in the sand.

A Dog Friendly getaway
Keep the fun on the beach going for even longer, and treat yourself and pooch to a little trip. We love Saunton Beach Villas, basic but cosy and everything you need to spend Valentine with your dog.
Saunton beach is wonderfully dog friendly, with miles of golden beach to stroll along and swim in the sea.

Treats....or even a cake
Sev and Lily love food, and cake too. Why not bake your dog a valentines day treat, it can be super fun and the dogs will love it. If, like me, you're no baker, Arton & Co do dog friendly cakes for all occasions.

Spoil them at their favourite pet shop
It doesn't have to be Valentines for me to spoil Sev and Lily, however an excuse is a good one. Visiting our two favourite, local, pet shops is super fun. The dogs get treated to Puppacinos and I end up spending even more money on them.

Netflix and chew
After a busy day, how about spending quality time with your pooch. Sofa snuggles, Netflix on a the most yummiest (smelliest) chew for the dogs. Pawfect.
It doesn't always have to be a massive adventure, as long as you're together is what's important.

Doggy Date
Get friends and family together and spend Valentine with your Dog....and all their pals too. Run and play with fur-pals, and see how happy it makes everyone. The perfect activity before snuggling up for mega puppy cuddles, and maybe even a pizza [for the humans]

How will you be spending Valentines Day? Leave us more ideas on how you'll be celebrating with the pooch....

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