Tuesday 23 January 2018

Losing a Pet

I know already that I am going to be in floods of tears writing this, thinking about not writing it is an option, and I'm even unsure if it's something people would want to read. However, after losing a pet, our dear Alfie, so much of me wanted to keep talking about it and him, because that's what he deserves.
Losing a Pet
Alfie was rehomed from Dogs Trust in Newbury, known to be nine months old and a hand in. No doubt too much for the previous owners, as he certainly was a cheeky boy when he first came to live with us. With Collie and Spaniel being his mix breeds, he was full of energy that needed to have the correct outlet.

Although we had lovely Megan growing up, Alfie felt like my dog- although still a family dog, we bounded greatly from the moment he sat on my lap all the way home and slept in my room that first night. Coming to work with me, starting obedience training with him and just really finding a friend, that I don't think I'd experienced in dog form before.
Losing a Pet

Even after moving out Alfie would join me on night duties, while Tilly would stay and have a cosy night with Sam. He was a gentle soul to those he loved, too clever for his own good, cheeky to some other dogs [it always seemed to be the big black ones!] but so loyal to me, even when I'd just see him once a week.

Alfie died later in 2017, and still saying those words brings all sorts of emotion. A fairly healthy twelve year old, a little arthritis with lumps and bumps appearing. Although he took life more gentle now a days, he still acted like a Spring lamb out on walks and was possibly the most handsome dog I'll ever come to meet.

So let's go back to the point of the blog post.... what was that? Honestly I just want to chat about him, because he made my life so happy, and filled a love in my heart that I really feel like I needed.

To have a best friend that will love you no matter what you do, be by your side when you need love and be so happy to see your face, is the most wonderful thing we could ever experience.

So, I will keep talking about Alfie, and although it still hurts and tears fill my eyes, my dear boy deserves to be mentioned and spoken about and remembered.
We had so much more to do, places to visit and things to see. So much knowledge to pass to Sev and Lily, so so much more love to give and many more seasides to paddle in.

To be by his side while he died will always be such a blessing and a curse, but will bond us even more.
Losing a Pet
See you at Rainbow Bridge baby boy, I'll miss you everyday. 
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