Monday, 18 December 2017

How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Hygge has been big over the last year, and with the Winter months most certainly upon us, we thought it the perfect time to explore it more, and see how it can make us feel good at Winter Time

Sev and Lily are a large part of how I feel good in general. The dogs keep me feeling positive, motivated and happy at venturing into life, feeling good in Winter time and all year round.

"A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)"
How to Feel Good at Winter Time
We recently visited the Cotswold's on a Log Cabin Holiday, to make the most of a Winter dog friendly getaway and experience how cosy they can be.

How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Get Together with Friends & Family
Reaching out to friends and family and spending quality time with them within the house, is a great way to feel good at Winter Time. Get cosy together, make a big but simple yummy dish, indulge in a glass of wine and laugh with wonderful company.
How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Drink Coffee.... or hot chocolate
A big cup of coffee certainly sets you up for the day, so if you enjoy it you can really enjoy it.
If coffee isn't your thing, indulging at this time of year is really important to make you feel good. Heat frothing milk over a stove, add cocoa and pour into a big mug. The best hot chocolate.
How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Get Cosy
Start the fire, grab a blanket and light the candles. Being cosy and comfortable is a large part of Hygge, and it's so easy to do with your pet. Snuggling up with Sev and Lily is perfect, and makes for the best evening watching the fire flicker.
Candle light can be very relaxing and so pretty, it really makes a room feel special and a wonderful atmosphere.
How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Explore Nature
Getting outside is so important to feel good, even with the chilly and darker weather. Of course a dog walk is a great way to explore nature, grab the wellies and a warm scarf, and enjoy time walking through woodland with paws by your side.
How to Feel Good at Winter Time

Book a cosy log cabin Holiday
Although a bit of a cheat, booking the perfect Hygge getaway can really help you feel good over Autumn and Winter. Find a dog friendly log cabin holiday, enjoy the hot tub whilst star gazing, light the logs on the fire and enjoy good friends company. The perfect blank canvas to snuggle in on a cold day, and adventure out on a crisp morning.
How to Feel Good at Winter Time
How to Feel Good at Winter Time



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  1. This is such a fab post. It can be sooo hard to find time for yourself at this hectic time of year. I always try and find some time to grab some hot choco and a cosy nook to read!
    a life of a charlotte


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