Thursday 26 October 2017

Climbing Snowdon with a Dog

After walking Pen-Y-Fan last year, we were keen for a new challenge when visiting North Wales with Visit Wales, by Climbing Snowdon with the dogs. 

Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, and in the U.K. Outside of Scotland. Basically, it's a beast.
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog
We decided to climb the Snowdon Ranger route, a slightly quieter, still as achievable path. When climbing Snowdon with a dog, you can use any path, as long as you feel they can make their way up.
The Snowdon Ranger path is rumoured that sheep appear less on this side of the mountain, although that wasn't the case for us. This meant Sev and Lily stayed on their lead 95% of the walk. 
Having Ruffwear harnesses was much needed because of this, and we're great for hiking up hill and keeping them close to heal too. 
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog

We have the Ruffwear Front Range harness for Sev & Lily. 
Being super comfortable and great to wear for long periods of time, perfect for adventures. 
Not only can you attach a lead to their back but also to the front, which can help with control and lead walking. As all our Ruffwear items, the fit is great and the padding really knows they're going to be comfortable in it....even when dragging us up big hills.
For adventuring and exploring, we know the Ruffwear gear will be safe and comfortable, great for climbing Snowdon. 
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog

Close to the top (about 1/4 from the summit) we decided to pop coats on Sev & Lily. Soft shell style coats that were warm inside but still waterproof outside. This was great as the temperature dropped but also to help stay dry, and not get cold from the atmosphere being so far in the clouds. 
Although this made us feel better more than them truly needing them, I think any later in the year then they would have been necessity. 
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog
You can buy similar here

Top Tips for Climbing Snowdon with a Dog
It's great to bring snacks and treats for the pooch, remember they're burning energy just like us humans. Using Lily's kitchen snack bars on the way up as well as little treats to help healing on the lead.
We had water for them too, although there were many fresh running streams near the bottom half of the mountain that they enjoyed drinking & paddling in. 
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog

Our climb was lots of different terrain and not an easy made walk way a lot of the time, if you're dog has sensitive feet or isn't use to climbing mountains it may be worth looking into dog booties. 
Overall the dogs found the walk very achievable, enjoying the streams to paddle in and stops for a quick treat. They were certainly tired that evening, but found the walk enjoyable and not a struggle for them at all.
Climbing Snowdon with a Dog

 We passed so many dogs of all shapes and sizes on our travel up and down Snowdon, it was great to see them join their owners on such a great adventure. 

Our trip to Snowdon was in collaboration with Visit Wales- all thoughts are own
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