Wednesday 10 May 2017

Act Against Lungworm

As a pet parent we're always on the lookout for what can harm our pooches, always wanting to do the best we can for them.

Last month along with other dog families, we attended an event to hear first-hand about the parasite lungworm, and how it can affect our furry ones.

Along with Ben Fogle and Vet, Luke Gamble, we took a walk in the gorgeous Streatham park, to understand more about the condition, and find ways of spreading the word.
Act Against Lungworm
Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasite that can cause serious health problems for dogs and can even be fatal if not diagnosed or treated. Lungworm is endemic throughout much of the UK & ROI, so it’s really important to know what it is, and understand how you can prevent your dog from contracting it.
With the symptoms being very easily mistaken for other issues and problems, sometimes cases can be missed or wrongly diagnosed, meaning it's even more important for us, as owners, to act against lungworm with preventive health treatment.
Act Against Lungworm

Act Against Lungworm
Many owners may not be aware of the parasite or problems it can truly cause, but I wanted to share information with you to help raise awareness. Importantly, the condition is preventable - always go to see your Vet if you're worried or want to chat further about the treatments available, as not all worming products are effective against lungworm.

What is Lungworm
Carried by slugs and snails, and the slime that they leave behind, lungworm larvae can cause great danger to your dog if eaten. From playing with toys that have been left in the garden overnight, eating grass, or drinking from puddles or bowls that infected snails have been on, it's far too easy for our pooches to accidentally or deliberately eat the larvae of the lungworm parasite, causing infection, and now it is endemic throughout the UK.

Lungworm becomes more worrying with the little signs it shows us, sometimes being referred to as the ‘silent killer’, because of this. Coughing, blood not clotting, and your dog generally not seeming well, can all be symptoms of lungworm, however these are also so easily confused for other worries and issues the dog may have.
Act Against Lungworm

How Can We Stop Our Dogs Catching Lungworm?
Of course, picking up toys in the evening, cleaning water bowls that are left outside and stopping your dog from eating grass or sticks when they're out and about can all help, however the truth is that slugs and snails can be very hard to avoid, and as such preventative treatment is the best thing to do!

As a Veterinary Nurse, I see first-hand the problems parasites can cause, and now our dog’s life depends on it, it's really important to start listening and acting for the benefit of them.

Preventative products , can be applied every month to protect your dog and act against lungworm. A lot of Vets now also have Healthy Pet Clubs meaning the stress and worry is taken from you, and it is super easy to remember to protect your pets with flea and worm treatments.
Act Against Lungworm

If you'd like more information on lungworm then head over to, to read more about how we can prevent and treat it.

This blog post is sponsored by Bayer, in support of their Act Against Lungworm campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed, are my own. 
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