Monday 9 January 2017

London Life with Dogs

 London is one of my favourite places, and although we love living in the Wiltshire Countryside, visiting the big city is such an escape of real life and adds something exciting and different that we don't usually get to experience.
Having visited a few times over the last couple of years has been wonderful, and even better that Sam's sister lives in the gorgeous area of Wimbledon, meaning that we get to adventure around the village and common as well as pop in on the tube to visit the sights and sounds of London too.

Of course the dogs come with us wherever possible, being great on the tube [Lily in my arms and Sev surfing the escalators] taking everything in their stride and getting high on all the different sniffs around.
Instagram is always full of dogs that live in London, and it always excites me so much, pictures from a postcard with fun and adventures at every turn.

Really wanting some London photographs of myself and the pooches, I called upon the gorgeous Ursula from Phodography. Bright and exciting, her images always make me fall in love straight away, and I love the connection between human and hound that she manages to capture.
Instead of heading to Big Ben or the London Eye, I really wanted to show snippets of the real London, every day London living. The hustle and bustle, hectic workers and the buzz of being in such an awesome City, with just Sev, Lily and I, in between it all. 

The doorway of Christmas tree's is no doubt a favourite, a random little spot on our way to Liverpool street that looked wonderfully inviting and something out of a storybook. 
Finding hidden doors, pretty streets and gorgeous art work is just part of the London Life that I love and I can't wait to visit again, along with Sev and Lily of course!

So, London Life with a dog...would we do it? Sign us up, small flat and crazy lifestyle....but oh, image the adventures and memories you'd make [and doesn't "visiting the Cotswolds for the Weekend" sound so much better than actually living near there]

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