Monday 9 May 2016

The Shake Shack "Woof" Menu

Last Weekend Sev and Lily got invited to try out the Shake Shack dog menu, in Covent Garden. We jumped at the chance straight away, knowing they would have plenty of treats, they were more than happy to head back into the Big City with us.
Shake Shack pride them self on being dog friendly, and having a place in their heart for the four furry legged friends, so having a "dog menu" is just perfect for us crazy dog mums.
It comprises of two items, the Pooch-ini, a vanilla and peanut butter custard topped with red velvet dog biscuits. The second is Bag O' Bones, 5 of those tasty red velvet dog biscuits. Although the Pooch-ini isn't meant for smaller dogs, it's perfect to have a lick or two when you have the dogs in central London with you. I can confirm they loved it, a real doggy treat.
Sam and I also got treated to burgers and shakes too, which were of course wonderful and getting to Covent Garden just before midday helped with us getting the perfect seat with the sun shining down on us. The dogs sat perfectly waiting for their treats [and to pose with them] while getting fussed and coo'd over by the shoppers and tourists that were in the area, they even had a few photos taken....famous dogs!
We loved visiting Shake Shack and can't wait to go back ♥ Burgers and dogs....the best day in London, I'm sure you'll agree.

Throughout May, Shake Shack UK guests who donate £2 or more to Action Against Hunger will receive a card for a complimentary shake, redeemable at their next visit. 100% of donations go to Action Against Hunger, who raise awareness and funds for childhood hunger in the UK.
Wearing Bow Ties from Teddy Maximus

Severus and Lily are on instagram too, so remember to follow their adventures over there.

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