Thursday 28 April 2016

The Spaniels Take London

I do believe my spaniels are some of the most well traveled pets around, everywhere we go we try and let them come too, they're family after all and we want them with us as much as possible ♥
After our gorgeous holiday to the Brecon Beacons last week, we whizzed down the motorway to the bright lights of London...Sev and Lily in tow [of course]
Sams sister, Amy, was running the London Marathon this past Weekend, and we all went along to cheer her on. Making the most of our extended break, we booked a night at the B+B Belgravia [via PetsPyjamas]. A short walk from Hyde Park, in a gorgeous location and certainly budget friendly for central London with pooches, it seemed a great place to stay before moving on to stay with family in Wimbledon. The hotel was very pretty, among the riches of Belgravia but had a very simple and budget way about it- think Travelodge. Sadly we'd rate this hotel as "pets allowed" rather than "pet friendly" having a few problems with breakfast and parking, although the staff did seem very friendly.

The Friday evening we dropped our bags off before walking the short fifteen minutes to Hyde Park, by this time the rain was pouring, but hoods up and dog coats on we made our way there to the dogs delight of free and open space. We spent our time walking along the fields of the park, stopping for soggy photos and taking in the pretty London scenery.
We had a quick visit to a local dog friendly pub, before heading back to the hotel and making the most of deliveroo, scoffing down a burger in our pj's...classy stuff!

In the morning we were woken early by two hounds needing to be let out, as the only patch of grass was some walk down the street, we decided to make the most of our early morning and head out to see London on a sunny morning.
We headed to Buckingham Palace before making our way over to see Big Ben. The dogs were great, as usual, and the early morning helped with the quietness of the usually busy London streets.
 As the Weekend tourists started making an appearance, we made our way back to the hotel, but not before stopping off at the gorgeous Mungo and Maud shop. It was everything I dreamed of, and I'm pretty sure the dogs loved it too. Sadly my purse strings couldn't stretch to any more than a few treat bags, but we loved visiting and lusting over the wonderful doggy items for sale.

Just around the corner we walked past the Peggy Porschen shop that just drew us in with the pink prettiness [me, more than Sam] and the cupcakes were too good to miss out on too. The lovely staff member said the dogs were allowed in, so we sat having 11am tea and cakes before leaving central London and heading to Wimbledon. 

 Thank you for having us wonderful London, it's a pleasure as always, and having the dogs with us makes it even more special.

Severus and Lily are on instagram too, so remember to follow their adventures over there.

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