Friday 15 April 2016

Clifton Village: Bristol

Last week we decided to drive the hour, or so, over to Clifton Village in Bristol. A place I'd briefly visited with a friend a few years ago, but always wanted to go back as I'd heard so many wonderful things. It's certainly the pretty place in town, full of blossoming tree's and pretty [expensive] houses
Of course the dogs came along too, mainly because there was a new pet shop I was getting far too excited about visiting....our life does revolve around the dogs, after all.

Our first stop was brunch at Twelve cafe, a place I'd found a few days before while searching instagram, and noticed they allow dogs. It was so light and sunny in there, with cakes and flowers covering the sides and tables upstairs and down giving us enough room for 2 humans + 2 pooches [and all the noise, mess, and photo taking we bring with us]
The breakfast was perfect, and got us ready for an explore around Clifton, finding spots where we could take photos for our previous blog post
 We soon passed ANNA Cake Couture, and I just knew I had to pop in and buy a few treats for us. I ended up getting a box of macarons, which were so scrummy and also one of the giant meringues which was perfect with cream [and wine].

We spent some time people watching, finding the most picture-perfect houses to pose next to, and getting lots of fuss because the dogs were behaving so well.
We checked for the nearest park so they could let off some energy and found the loveliest little field that over looks the Bristol Suspension Bridge. It had such a wonderful view, and we felt like we were on top of the world up there.
After the dogs had let off so energy by running around like mad things, we decided to treat them to a visit to Barkers of Clifton. The new pet shop about town, that looked too good not to visit.
We spent far too long just browsing the treats, attire, toys and everything in between. The store is so large and lovely, and has handpicked the finest brands and doggy items to showcase in the lovely shop. I of course had a field day, while the dogs got welcomed by the staff and treated to biscuits and fusses.
I certainly spent a few pennies in there, buying things for the dogs makes me far too happy, and they always look mighty beautiful and are super happy spaniels ♥
We can't wait to visit again, and hope to treat the pooches to a groom at their spa and to hopefully get on the gallery wall next time.

Severus and Lily are on instagram too, so remember to follow their adventures over there.

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