Sunday 31 January 2016

Meet Lily

Two weeks ago Lily joined the Walton residence to come along with all our adventures ♥

Getting another dog had been on both our minds for some time and after thinking about it long and hard we started to research into different litters and then came across Lily's little in Portsmouth.
They were born on November 24th, and on January 16th [just a few days before she turned 8 weeks old] we went to pick her up and welcome her into our home.

Severus of course needed his Lily, and that's where her name came from, something that was obviously going to happen way before we even started looking at puppies.
She is a black working Cocker Spaniel, so we really are a spaniel family now.
She had her first vaccine the day we got her [this isn't advised!] and she was chipped the same day as she was so brave about it. Her second vaccines this coming week and then in a couple of weeks following that.
Lily seems to be keen on food, so we're hoping that helps us with her training. However she isn't as on the ball like Sev was, she gets distracted very easily so I think we may have our work cut out.
Her first puppy party was on Wednesday, where she was too interested in sniffing around than playing with the other pups. 3 more parties will follow, and then we start "Puppy School" just a few days after she turns 12 weeks old.

Lily is already Severus best friend, but I don't think he agrees so much. Although he is being a very good boy, he still needs some peace and quiet and we often find he's taken himself up to the bedroom, in his bed up there. They play well though, although it is very "teethy" puppy play at the moment and at times he'll let her snuggle up to him but he does have to be pretty tired to let her do that. He has become a little more clingy, but generally we haven't seen to much jealousy or any other behaviour to worry about. It's no doubt going to take time for him, and he's truly being such a good boy about it all.

So far Lily is a bit cheeky, very interested in everything, totally besotted with her brother, loves eating grass in the garden, sits well [although I'm pretty sure it's fluke most the time], is sleeping well over night in her crate and gives great kisses just Sevvy.

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