Wednesday 8 January 2014


I thought I'd give you a little update on our canine baby ♥
He is now 11 weeks old, and becoming cheekier by the second. We both knew having a puppy would be hard, but he is certainly one to test our (parenting) skills. He is a very strong willed young puppy, not to be confused with naughty of course, but he knows what he wants and he'll try and get it. Where most would give up, or just try their luck every now and again, Sev goes full force to get it or he sounds like he is being killed if he doesn't. 

He's been to 2 puppy parties, and his last will be on Wednesday. The Vets (where I work) organise this, and it's a really laid back hour of getting to know other owners and puppies. The nurses who run it can give you hints and tips to help you a long, but it's really perfect to get Sev socialised as much as possible. It's really important you do as much as possible with your new puppy in the first 14 weeks, it's when they learnt he most. So seeing lots of different people of shapes and sizes and hair colour, cars, other animals, other dogs, water, loud noises...literally everything and anything. 

It's also the perfect time to start their training, we've got the hang of "sit" and he starts training classes next week so that should help us along too. 

He has three best friends (what a lucky boy) and they resemble a zoo. Monkey, Ellie, and Giraffey. They all have injuries of some kind, but he does love them and always takes them out of bed to play in the morning. 

He enjoys listing to Sam play guitar, and watches TV a lot too. He loves when I have videos playing on my iPad, Essie Buttons dog, Reggie, is his fav!

His ears are just getting bigger and bigger- he is a spaniel after all! His head compared to the rest of his body is rather funny indeed. 

He probably enjoys napping more than playing, just. On laps seem to be the best place, or on shoulders and in the fold of you neck. If he's in bed with us he has to get under the covers and usually sleeps on his back.

This week he can go for his first walk, after having both sets of vaccination and his microchip too. We're looking forward to wearing his out and burning some energy off- because he has a lot. Hopefully (Aunty) Tilly will teach him to swim and (Uncle) Alfie will let him know that you don't mess with the swans by the canal. 

I recently uploaded a little chatty video about him & tips for new puppy owners too.

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