Thursday, 14 November 2013

Get Ready for Christmas with Pets at Home

If you don't know (where have you been?) Alfie and Tilly feature highly on my blog, and Christmas is just as important to them as it is to us humans. 
As a family we are huge dog lovers, and thankfully Sam has also taken to the woofers, most of the time calling Alfie and Tilly his own.
At Christmas, a few silly photos are needed, as well as Alf getting so excited about the wrapping paper every where! To help along with the photographs this year, I couldn't say no to some of Pets at Home's gorgeous jumpers.
Jumpers c/o of Pets at Home

Although I don't pamper my dogs like the girls in TOWIE, hello pink nails and carry in designer bags, I do like to dress them up every now and again. Most of the time, coats and cute outfits are aimed at the toy breeds, so I'm so glad to find items that actually fit Alfie (a 27kg Spaniel X Collie for reference). These jumpers are amazing value for money, and don't go up in price with the bigger they get, thank goodness! They are such lovely quality  and really perfect for the festive season. 

You can pick up some amazing attire, and treats for all your pets this Christmas at Pets at Home, they have such a wide range and I really believe in how much they know and care for the animals and customers. My other favourites from store are below, it's just a matter of time before I treat the canines a little is the time of giving after all.

We have been able to spend more of our vouchers on our new addition to the family, he won't be joining us until early December, but prepare for mass doggy blog posts then ♥

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  1. Ahhh so adorable! I put my Yorkie in a santa suit last year... after about 5 minutes she looked so miserable I had to take it off her :P
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. How adorable! They look so snug.
    I'll admit I would definitely dress up my dog in a cute little christmas outfit - who wouldnt?
    Pictures galore and keeping them warm ha.


  3. Oh the dogs are so cute!

    Maria xxx

  4. how adorable are these dogs <3

  5. Squeeee puppy! Can't wait to see more photos of him. Alfi and Tilly are cute and all but I can't get over little baby puppies hehe.

  6. your dogs look super cute in their outfits! My dog loves a coat on to keep him cosy. He's a staffie :) x

  7. I can't wait for all the puppy posts! Love the Christmas jumpers for the dogs, sadly neither of my cats take well to being dressed up (I did attempt a santa hat and scarf once about 5 years ago but they swiftly wriggled out of them!) so I'll just have to wait for the day I move out and can indulge my dog loving side :L x

  8. So cute! If it wasn't for the fact one of them would eat them I would totally be putting these jumpers on my spaniels!!
    Can't wait for more pictures of you're new little boy!

  9. cute! I just found your blog and really enjoy it, would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know!


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  11. How adorable!
    My dogs love Christmas, this year my Mum has bought them both their own Christmas dinner!



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