Sunday, 13 January 2019

2018 Best Bits

Welcoming a New Year is always exciting, being the type of person to enjoy every new week for holding something new, the start of a year is even more fresh. However looking back on the year(s) before is great to appreciate the positive things that came out of 2018. 2018 was all about enjoying the small moments, as well as many amazing moments happened too ♥

Turning Thirty
2018 Best bits start by celebrating turning 30. A house was rented by the seaside, my favourite humans and dogs all got together and the best time was had. I remember feeling so loved and content with how lovely that Weekend was, eating too much, drinking too much, beautiful dog walks on the beach and people in my life that love me.
2018 Best Bits

Winter March
Although there had been a small amount of snow in December of 2017, Spring time welcomed even more. Being the first experience of snow for both Sev and Lily it was amazing to see them play in it, walking on the fluffy white stuff and just wanting to be outside more than ever.
2018 Best Bits

Haven's Dog Ambassadors
Having the opportunity to become Haven's Dog Ambassadors was really amazing, exploring around five different parts of the UK, being able to experience that with friends and showcasing what's important to us- being able to take your dog on holiday.
2018 Best Bits

Sunrise at Durdle Door
Durdle Door is one of my all time favourite places, it brings happiness to my heart. I don't remember a lot from growing up, but visiting there was something to hold on to.
Deciding to get away for a night, sleeping in a camping pod and getting up so early to watch the sunrise, that was perfect.
2018 Best Bits

California & Disneyland
Visiting California in September was no doubt 2018 best bits. Yosemite is the most stunning place that dreams are made of, and going back is on the list all the time. The only thing is that I know the dogs would love it there, so being without them made it hard.
Disneyland was also amazing, as a big Disney and Walt fan it was so exciting to visit the original park that Walt was there to see.

Working with....
I won't name all the companies and brands we've worked with over the past year, although all so important for us personally and professionally. However there were some that made me explode with happiness and deserve to be spoken about in our 2018 best bits. Barbour wanted us to create content for them, Ruffwear invited us to an event and Artist Residence invited us to stay with them in Cornwall. Forever thrilled and grateful that this passion of sharing our dog friendly lifestyle is shared with so many followers and readers.
2018 Best Bits

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