Monday, 29 January 2018

Poppy's Picnic, Raw Dog Food

At the end of last year, finding a new food for Sev and Lily started to become something that was researched into more. Talking to many companies and finding out what would work for our lifestyle.
At Discover Dogs, Poppy's Picnic were one of those companies.....and we fell in love.
Poppy's Picnic

Poppy's Picnic are a raw dog food brand, that are passionate about dog health and creating a food that they will love.
With a great aesthetic, fun and informative team, and honestly a product that speaks for it self, Poppy's Picnic was a dog food brand we were drawn to and excited to try it.

The food is made of 100% natural ingredients, with lean mince meat to to provide higher protein levels, raw meat, offal, ground bone and seasonal vegetables.
Poppy's Picnic

Why Raw?
Being open minded about raw for some time, but never deciding to change. With Poppy's Picnic being so close to us, in Wiltshire, everything felt like the right time to try something new.

There are lots of benefits to raw dog food, including improved digestion, better weight management, healthier skin and coat, better teeth and gums and smaller stools.

Raw dog food is one that pops up in the press a lot, and it certainly may not be for everyone, however just like the pro's and con's of dry kibble, raw dog food also comes with it's own. Having tried it over the last two months has only been positive for us and picking the right one is just as important. Having to have the right percentage in the food is what makes it healthy and a complete diet.
Poppy's Picnic

Swapping to Raw Dog Food
The main "problem" when switching to raw was the storage of the food. Having just changed our freezer to something a lot better looking, but oh so smaller, didn't come at the best time. However, the very small freezer fits in two weeks worth of Poppy's Picnic trays, and as the food is made very close to home, picking up the delivery is very easy.
Remembering to defrost the food 24hours before the meal is needed, is now the biggest problem we have.
Poppy's Picnic

The switch was easy, finishing dry food one day and starting on Poppy's Picnic the day after. Sev and Lily had no problem in eating it, and love meal time more than ever.
There are things to look out for, like any diet change, however it's not needed to swap over gradually.

The main thing that has been noticed is the dogs "pick-up-able poo" small and easy to now pick up, as well as this both Sev and Lily look more lean. Although they have no weight issues, a small amount has been lost and it's more obvious to see the build up in muscle.

Like every dog owner, feeding Sev and Lily "the best" is what I can only try and do. I can honestly say, I believe feeding raw is just that. With help and support a click away, and most questions answered in the Poppy's Picnic Rawplicity Feeding guide, it's really been an easy transition for the humans and one that the dogs truly love to. Poppy's Picnic delivery day has become the best day ever, in the Walton household.

Poppy's Picnic are currently Crowdfunding to help expand even further, find out more here


  1. Awesome post Steph, Poppy's Picnic rock! ��

  2. I think it's great that Sev and Lily are enjoying a raw diet so much, Poppy's Picnic seem like a really ethical brand too - stunning photography as always. xx

  3. Switching to raw was the best thing we ever did! My local pet shop stocks Poppy's picnic and it's one of our faves x

    Chloe, Archie and Winnie x


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