Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sev and Lily visit Barkers of Farnham

Pet shop visiting is a favourite past time, for both human and hound in this family. As Sev's Birthday was approaching, the perfect opportunity popped up for Sev and Lily to visit Barkers of Farnham.

 Barkers mission is to become the best pet shop ever! And with the different brands, homely feel, great staff and amazing treats.... they are sure on the way. 
The shop is really a dogs dream, and honestly a crazy dog ladies dream too. With amazing brands and products, a store of interior delight and even a groomers. Barkers really has it sorted for everything you'll need for puppy and pooch. 

Sev and Lily visit Barkers of Farnham
Heading along with Colin, Rhapsody and their Mum Emily, we were greeted with lots of attention and Sev loved giving everyone hugs and making sure they knew it was his Birthday too! 

Lily soon found the ball pit, and of course jumped right in, no doubt a highlight of her visit. Toys were a plenty, and even interactive games ready to try before you buy. 

The brands that are stocked are really amazing, from independents like Teddy Maximus and more well known like Barbour. Everything was so well presented and made it even more exciting to pick out goodies for Sev and Lily. 

                                    Head over to the website to find your closest Barkers store

The grooming spa at Barkers is great, and the staff are really attentive to make sure the pooches have the most relaxed time as possible. With services from microchipping to nail clips and grooming from a "wash & go" to a 5 star body groom, it really has everything you need for a pampered pooch. 

Food on offer is of plenty, all brands that are known and even maybe some that aren't. Raw food fridges lined the walls and kibble bags of all colours and companies looked great on the shelves. Of course Sev headed straight for Lilys Kitchen "Birthday Surprise for dogs", it would only be right on such a special day. 
Treats were a dream for any dog too, a pick n mix section of venison sausages, pigs ears and other chews were on offer. While Sev tried to sniff out any going on the lowers shelves of the store, happily making a mess as he went. 

Thanks so much for our pals Adventures of Doodles for joining us as Sev and Lily visit Barkers of Farnham, of course sharing the doggy treats around and getting as much fuss as the spaniels.

This post is in collaboration with Barkers- all views are our own.
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