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Dogs Trust Dog School

Dogs Trust have recently launched a new and exciting training for all dogs that may need extra help with behaviour and training.
As well as the fun but educational training courses for owners and their pooches, 1-to-1 sessions are also available to help with extra behavioural problems that dogs may have... and they don't even need to be a Dogs Trust Dog, it's for every furry friend that may need it.
Dogs Trust Dogs School
Dogs Trust Dog School
With a nationwide network from Devon to Edinburgh the Dogs Trust Dog School is aiming to help with training classes to give both human and hound the foundation they need to develop a strong bond, cope with every day life and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to behaviour problems.

You can find out so much on the Dogs School website with hints and tips on training, facts and figures that may help and research that Dogs Trust have helped with.

The training sessions are available in many towns and Cities in the UK, with different times and days available so you're able to complete the course around your everyday life and get the best for your dog. Everything is reward based and is positive and made fun with teaching the owners how to go on and train the dogs in every day life meaning they're able to join at friends houses, pubs or even on holidays.
Dogs Trust Dogs School

One to One training with Dogs Trust Dog School 
Severus and Lily recently had a session with Dogs Trust Dog School with help on combating some more serious problems, for us it was the behaviour they show when someone is at the door. Of course this could be anything from begging for food, jumping up or pulling on the lead. These things may seem small, but when put into a situation they can cause real problems and stress in everyday life.

The hour long sessions are £25, this is for all dogs (not just rescues on Dogs Trust dogs) sitting down and talking through the problem that causes stress for the dog and owner. The wonderful girls from Bristol were very understanding of how live our life with the dogs, but also keen to help in the best way to get the most out of it.
Some behaviour problems will need follow up appointments but the trainers are always at hand for phone calls and email to help whilst training is progressing.

With Sev & Lily the trainers broke down the main issues that are causing the problems and split them into bite size chunks to start the work with them. Along the time they showed me how to physically do it with treats and how to teach the dogs what I want from them, as well as being able to ask questions without any worry or judgement from them.
Dogs Trust Dogs School
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To book your Dogs Trust Dog School training course or 1-to-1 session then head over to the website or get in touch with your nearest Dog School team for more information.

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