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Local Dog Walks| AD

Chatting about Severus and Lily is a favourite thing to do, so when Tesco Bank asked us to share local dog walks with our readers, there were rather a few to pick from.

The county of Wiltshire is gorgeous, and certainly perfect for many local dog walks. We are very lucky to live on the canal, have woodlands just a short drive away and plenty of fields and parks around the corner. Severus and Lily love walking anywhere and everywhere, finding new adventure, new smells and fun on every turn they make.
Wiltshire dog walks

Sev's Favourite Walk
Severus loves woodland dog walks, jumping over logs and sniffing out all the good smells. Just a short car drive and it takes us to the gorgeous Roundway woods, overlooking the beautiful town and rolling hills for miles.
Dog walks in Wiltshire
Wiltshire dog walks
dog walks in Wiltshire

 Lily's Favourite Walk
Lily truly believes that ball is life and therefore being in a more open area is perfect to chase the ball....for hours! Meeting new dogs at this particular area happens a lot, meaning it's a great way for them to socialise and work on dog friendly skills.
Being off lead is something Severus and Lily enjoy on a dog walk, and finding areas we can do this in are great. Thankfully they also have wonderful recall meaning we don't have to worry about them coming back to us.
Wiltshire dog walks
Wiltshire dog walks
Wiltshire Dog walks
Wiltshire canal dog walks

Pet Care Tips
There's so much to think about when getting a dog, and even with Severus and Lily we want to do the right thing for them, every step of the way.

Pet Insurance
This is so important, and as a Veterinary nurse I see all too much the implications of people not being able to afford their pets care. Dogs are a luxury "item" and caring for them to the best standard goes a long with that, having pet insurance can save from the worry of this. Not only in emergency situations but long term problems too.

Severus and Lily are working breed dogs meaning they need both mental and physical stimulation. Chasing balls, going on 5 mile walks and running around after each other is great, but they also need mental stimulation as they're such clever dogs. This is of course different for every breed. Tesco bank has some great advice different breeds. Tricks and training can really help too, as well as retrieving or finding things when out on the walk.

Food and Nutrition 
The dog food world is pretty massive, there's so much to pick from and so many people shouting the wrongs and rights at you. There's so many options out there, but doing your own research is really important. Finding a diet that works for your lifestyle and your budget are two things to consider, and always look for the best diet within your price range. Severus and Lily eat a cold pressed dog food.

Another thing dogs crave from their owners, wanting to please and be loved. Severus and Lily work for their treats, and show good behaviour when we do treat them. Keeping this little "fur-family" together is so important, and they come along on holidays and day trips, meaning they get to see and do more, enriching their lives.

We'd love to hear about your favourite local dog walks

Thanks to Tesco Bank for collaborating with me on this post
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