Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Human & Hound Pamper Evening

Pamper evenings are the best, and something that I don't ever make enough time for. Having a bubble bath is, however, a favourite thing [ever] ending the evening cuddling up with the pooches. 
canine spa kit

Pets Pyjamas have an amazing range of letterbox gifts, wonderful gift boxes filled with different goodies, such as puppy gifts or travel essentials. The Canine Spa Kit looked great, and something a little different for one of our dog holidays. Making it a perfect relaxing evening for human and hound. 

The Canine Spa Kit includes a personalised towel,  Mutts & Hounds brush and Pet Shampoo. Severus and Lily don't get bathed too much, but don't usually complain when it is time to get clean. Having dog friendly shampoo is really great to have at hand, and this mini size is perfect to chuck in your bag when you are travelling...after all, they are spaniels, meaning they tend to find mud wherever they go. The towel speaks for itself and is such a lovely item to have, and would even make for a great gift too.  
pamper evening for your canine
hound pamper evening
canine pamper evening
pets pyjamas pamper kit
canine spa kit

Of course after bath, it's time for bed. When Matalan brought out the dog striped pyjamas I got so excited and totally fell in love. So cute and sweet, and fit the hounds perfectly. Cuddled up in bed, PJ's on, these dogs have the life of luxury!
The perfect way to end the evening would be with the Bedtime Snuggle Treat box....doesn't that sound so cosy.

As a dog crazy Mum, the human side of the pamper evening looks a little similar. Although I tend to change the dog shampoo for a conditioning mask and a Lush bubble bar. Light a candle, and even open a bottle of wine, jump into my Pyjamas before heading to bed for a cuddle with the furry ones.
pamper evening
pamper evening
pamper evening



  1. This spa kit is the most amazing thing!!!

  2. This sounds like a pawfect way to spend a night! Loving their little PJ's too (so much cuteness!) xxx

  3. Those jimjams are ridiculously cute! I was hoping you were going to come out in a matching onesie but the socks'll have to do.
    Love this
    M x Life Outside London

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