Sunday, 22 January 2017

2017 for Steph and The Spaniels

2017 is a new year, something new to work towards and exciting adventures that lay ahead.
This little blog, and our online life has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement, and I truly feel happy with everything I'm putting out there.

However, "Steph and The Spaniels" seems a little up in the air, a little everywhere maybe...much like my life. From the start I wanted this blog, and my social online life, to showcase my life, our life, my little fur-family and amazing Husband. No doubt this blog has changed more and more into a lifestyle blog and even more into a dog friendly website that allows us to share all our adventures and travels. It is important to me, though, that I still cover all aspects of my life, even though Sev and Lily feature in 90% of it.

Both the website and YouTube channel will have a mix of everything from my life in it, a true lifestyle blog that transfers over to the videos I make too.
Although not much is actually changing, collecting my thoughts and ideas for 2017 will allow me to move on and achieve the goals and adventures that lay ahead.

Dog Friendly
This category/topic/subject...whatever you want to call it, is one that has shaped the blog to be what it is today. Although Alfie and Tilly featured on here since the start, getting Severus and even more so this last year [with getting Lily], has allowed us to open different doors up and create content truly that is very dog friendly and perfect for any dog owner. However I don't want to ever have exclusivity to just that topic, as many of you don't read for that.
I have dabbled with the idea of separate blogs, but where does it end, one for every topic that I want to write about or mention, for me it just doesn't work. I want my diary, this online life to be able to share all the bits that jumble together that make me, me.
For my readers and followers who do love the dog stuff, then I think you with all my heart, because it's really where my passion lies. You'll see more travel from us, sharing our wonderful photos with you, and showcasing different items and products, as well as visiting different doggy events too.

A huge and important part of my life, a passion that only a true Disney fan would understand and has so many special meanings and memories for me, more so because of our amazing Disney Wedding.
Disney photography is a huge love of mine, and so any trips and travel, including Disney ones will be shared here. Going forward it's unlikely you'll see much more than the travel and Disney vlogs on my channel, due to the vast amount of tips and tricks and informative videos about Disney holidays already.
This may change if another Disney trip is booked, as planning and ideas videos will become more likely.

Slimming World
Really not something [I think] that will appear on my blog, however it does get mentioned in the vlogs every now and again, and due to the fact that I'm watching more Slimming World videos means I am more inspired to create some of my own. However there won't be a recipes type content as that's not my thing at all, however sharing my weight loss journey, with thing such as supermarket hauls and food diaries, is one that I've thought about and you're likely to see more of in 2017

For 2017 I want to be a better me, a better and kinder person, do what I love in the best way I know how.
I hope you'll still read along and support Stephanie Dreams like you always have done, every reader and every comment means so much ♥
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