Saturday, 17 December 2016

Seven Years of Stephanie Dreams

Seven years is such a long time, for anything, with anyone....but on on the 10th of December 2016, my little blog turned 7 years old!
Starting as a rambled mix of "fashion and beauty" all those years ago, it's no doubt grown and grown, and the same diary aspect has stayed strong. Sharing my thoughts and feelings, in the things I do and places I go. Sharing my life, and blog, more and more with the pooches, making it my perfect dog friendly lifestyle perfect online diary for all things Steph & The Spaniels

Not only is my Blog-Birthday celebrated in December, it's the end of the year and just a day after my Birthday. Making this time of year great for summing up my 2016.

Welcoming Lily into our lives changed a lot of things, and although a struggle to start with, we have grown into the perfect little fur-family ♥
This also started Spaniel Life instagram growing more and more, and succeeding 2015's achievements too. Along with this, the blog has become even more dog friendly than last year, and really is the perfect Lifestyle spot that I'm happy with.
Sev and Lily are a huge part of my life, and therefore feature a huge amount on my lifestyle blog, enjoying many trips and holidays with them. Exploring more and more, and having so many adventures, the passion that keep the dogs involved is great and something I could never imagine not doing now.

Falling in love with Paris, and visiting Disneyland Paris a few times has been amazing and really rather picture perfect. As well as this, we've been out and about for adventures around the UK, mainly with the dogs in tow, making amazing memories and capturing what I can on camera.
Always on the look out for our next trip, to blog about a dog friendly hotel, or visit somewhere for afternoon tea and being very fortunate to of stayed at some gorgeous places because of the four-legged ones.

This year, Stephanie Dreams and Spaniel Life have worked with some amazing brands, visited gorgeous places and continued to put so much work and effort into this online community. 
We 're for ever thankful of the work we get, always making it fun and an excuse for another adventure ♥
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