Thursday, 8 December 2016

Luxury Dog Christmas Gift Guide

Tis the time of year to get jolly festive, spend time with friends and family... and think seriously about the few items you've been lusting after for the year.
Of course Christmas isn't just about getting presents, but I personally love spoiling the people [and pooches] around me ♥

Sev and Lily may be known to be rather spoilt, but buying them luxury items is more of a special thing, perfect for Christmas time.
The essentials are sorted, lets talk about what they want for Christmas....

Broughton & Co Ombre Dog Collar
Although I've been aware of Broughton for some time, it was at the National pet Show where I first saw these beauties in real life. I honestly fell in love straight away and got giddy just thinking about them.
Sev would rock the gold and red ombre, perfect for Christmas day. Lily would be a little more pretty with a gold and pink combo.

Many a time do I find myself searching through Christmas jumpers, trying to find the most perfect hound worthy attire for the dogs. They're certainly getting more and more popular and are popping around all over the place. Having two very special pooches, requires two very special jumpers and so I think the Ruby Rufus ones will do just fine!
The red snowflake one is a particular favourite and I can only imagine and cosy they'd look by the Christmas tree.

Purplebone London recently released a monthly subscription box for dogs, full of luxury items for both human and hound. Sev and Lily got to try the October box and truly loved it, so seeing the special festive addition box is rather exciting, and no doubt going to be full of awesome gifts and presents, perfect for Christmas time.

Twinning is winning, after all, and since the very first time I found Dogatella on instagram I've totally loved their products. The gorgeous matching collar, leads and bracelets mean both you and your pooch can look amazing and show off in style. Although the gold is gorgeous [and super festive] the nude colour is on the list as it would suit Sev and Lily so well.

Booking your dog friendly Weekend away or holiday through Pets Pyjamas is the best, mainly because they sniff out the best dog friendly places to stay, meaning luxury and picture perfect Instagramable accommodation. With a mix of self catering and hotels to pick from, it's really easy to call them with your budget and they'll do the rest. Southplace Hotel in London is on the list, as is The Cary Arms. Dog friendly travel is really important to us, and bringing Sev and Lily with us makes for the best trip away. 

If we could just take a perfect are velvet dog bow ties for Christmas & New Year. Only just finding this cute dog company, these bow ties scream luxury to me, and I just had to add them to the list. Lily would work the red [as pictured] and Sev would look dapper in the navy! 
Not only this but they do a great range of bandanas, for the more casual days around the Festive season.

Will you be splurging on your pet this Christmas time?
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