Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Paris in September

 Last week we ventured to the City of Paris. Somewhere we haven't explored for over six years, so I was excited to get back and fall in love with the City ♥

Everyone you talk to mentions how much they love Paris, what a romantic and pretty place it is. Sadly, we just didn't feel that passion for it the first time. This didn't stop me from wanting to try it again, and really explore everything we may have missed.
Of course, this time around it was close to perfect. The Parisian streets were a dream, the Eiffel Tower was mesmerising and I felt perfectly at home twirling in my tulle skirts and pearls.

 We stayed at the sweetest airbnb in the most loveliest building. Just a stones throw away from the Champs-Elysées, and with such a surprising view of the Eiffel Tower right out of our little balcony window 

 We walked up and down the streets of Paris, stopping to buy Macarons and taking in everything around us. Soon we met up with our friends, Tom & Sarah, before climbing the stairs of the Arc De Triomphe to watch the sunset with an amazing view over looking the gorgeous Eiffel Tower.

At night the tower sparkles, every hour on the hour, for 5 minutes. It looks like Tink is sprinkling pixie dust over it making magic happen.

We ended the night drinking beer and fizz on the streets of Paris, feeling rather at home and excited for the day ahead to venture into the City even more.

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