Monday, 31 October 2016

October Checks + Autumnal Dog Walks

There may come a time where saying "October is my favourite month" gets a little tiresome, however, for now.... October really is my favourite month.
Not only has this Autumn been wonderful to us, with crisp blue skies and the sun shining bright, but it's also been a few months of adventuring and exploring. Mainly with my four-legged fur-fur babies, Severus and Lily.

Last Weekend was no exception as we visited the sweetest B+B with my gorgeous friend, Paige. The dogs and I traveled to Hampshire, to meet my red headed chum and try out the dog friendly accommodation.

Luckily, Hampshire is Paigey's hometown and so finding the most perfect Autumnal dog walks came with little effort and lots of fun. We walked through beautiful countryside fields and through gorgeous woodlands, where the leaves had fallen from the trees and become the perfect play ground for the dogs to run free while Paige and I had the best catch up in the countryside air.

It was also the perfect excuse to style up another Autumnal outfit, this time showcasing October checks with this gorgeous Matalan shirt dress. October checks will turn it Autumn checks, which turn to Winter checks....for now I am in love with anything that makes me look a little more like a pumpkin [orange] though.
What I wore....

Shirt from Matalan
Boots & Belt from Primark
Jeans from Dorothy Perkins
Blazer from Blue Inc
Seeing the dogs run free, chasing leaves and enjoying the beautiful Woodland is something I could watch all day, being with these two nutters makes for the perfect Autumn dog walk ♥
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