Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn is Here

Autumn is our favoruite time! I totally love it, from the crisp orange leaves to the light in the sky. It's so pretty but so cosy too. The candles and throws come out & there's orange and warm colours all around the house ♥
There's something very homely about Autumn, it's the start of the end of the year where our hearts feel a little warmer and certain merchandise (Christmas already!?) in the shops get us a little too excited.

We also have lots of exciting trips and adventures in the next few months, making Autumn even more exciting for us all. Even more exciting are the memories we're hoping to capture and blog posts we can't wait to share with you.

I feel really happy and positive about the next few months, Just a feeling of content and being at ease. I've just started a trial run of nights, to see how that works out with work. I get to see some amazing friends, the dogs are taking us to some amazing places and we get to adventure all around this pretty country.

If you're an Autumn lover like me, then be sure to check out One Pleasant Day, a blog of dreams and her instagram is pretty dreamy too ♥

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