Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Start of Autumn

The first official day of Autumn and it's a funny mix of dull and gloomy weather but also sun trying to shine through those golden tinged trees.
For me, Autumn is October, the mornings are fresh and the orange leaves are crisp on the floor. The colours all around are a dream and everything is looking beautiful before Winter leaves everything monochrome.

Lily and Sev sadly got sent their tweed collars a little too late for the upcoming season, as these colours certainly shout bright summer time ♥
Tweed none the less is gorgeous, and they still manage to match my black and orange dress only they can do!
Trying something a little different with the style of dress, but I am adoring the flared sleeves. This dress is going to be perfect for popping on to go down the [dog friendly] pub or even layering it up to photograph my Winter wedding.

I'm Wearing: Dress c/o House of Fraser, Coat from Primark and Boots from George
The Dogs Wear: Tweed Bow Ties c/o Love My Dog

I've been a fan of Love My Dog since we first found them earlier in the year at a boutique pet shop. I fell in love and splashed the cash on a floral collar and bow tie for Lily, and it's still very much one of our favourites. They do a great range of coats, leads, blankets and jumpers. Made in London, the brand screams "dapper dog" and is a treat for the four-legged pooches in your life.

Sev and Lily's Autumn wardrobe is coming on amazingly, and it's getting me super excited to snap away in my favourite season.
We also have a few dog friendly holidays and nights away coming up, I really can't wait to share our adventures with you.

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