Monday, 5 September 2016

Our Homely Home

 I was challenged by Ocean Loans to take part in a campaign to make my home even more homely. Giving our lovely homes the TLC they deserve and spoiling it a little with some new items ready for Autumn to start.
I adore finding pretty home ware, and after having a mini bedroom makeover I decided to look into a few things I could buy for our living room. The main focus of the house with our cosy sofa, comfy arm chair and feature brick print wall. We have photos all over the walls and love how cosy and homely it is, however adding a few items really picked it up even more.

 I cheated a little bit and decided to get some beautiful blooms from Beards & Daisies. What started as a letterbox florist company [which I think is an awesome idea] they've now branched out and are offering shop flowers too. Not only do I like treating myself, and the house, to flowers I also adore receiving them as presents too, and Beards and Daisies have a great range for Birthdays, Anniversaries and even New Homes.....also, what a bloody awesome name for a florist.

My flowers needed a new home, because my many vases are not enough, and this beautiful white heart one fitted perfectly in our living room. I actually picked this up from a little independent shop,and is just as gorgeous as the pretty blooms that fill it.

I received a Vineyard candle for my Birthday from a lovely friend, and ever since it finished I've been lusting after another one. This stunning Prosecco Candle is a really great and light smelling candle with the perfect hint of prosecco and elderflower. I love how it looks with the amazing green glass and graphic of the label. Nothing says Autumn is coming like lighting candles with warm and yummy smells.

Lastly I picked up this gorgeous orange toned throw from George, I really love Asda for home bits and you can get some real bargains too. I think a lot of their items look really unique or more expensive than they actually cost.
I love getting cosy, snuggling the puppies under a blanket with the fire on and candles lit....what a perfect evening ♥

Thanks to Ocean Loans for this campaign...what would you spend £50 on in your home?

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