Monday, 1 August 2016

A Disney Room Make Over

A few months ago we finally got around to switching things up a little bit, and moved the bedroom around. Of course of love for Disney shines through most of our home, and the bedroom is no different, so there are certainly a few Disney bits you may see on the way around.

I just wanted to freshen a few things up, and after taking inspiration from a couple of photos I got some ideas together.
It really just took switching the bed around, some new curtains and duvet and a hint of Disney to make me feel a little more relaxed and in love with our bedroom ♥

We also painted the drawer in our dressing room, and made a feature wall out of my growing collection of mouse ears.

What's in our room
Duvet Set and Cushions: Tesco
3 Castle Prints: Enchanted Type [Disneyland Paris was Custom]
Magic Everywhere Print: Lily Rose Co. [Custom]
"This is our Happy Place" Castle illustration: KayleyDraws
Toystory Ears: Queen Ursula

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