Monday, 18 July 2016

Life Lately...

At the moment I'm feeling a little everywhere with life right now, a little over whelmed, rather busy and just living each day as they come.
My diary is full, which is both lovely but also very tiring. Sam and I are having the best times, spending lots of Weekends together with his new [short term] working hours. We've had dogs to keep us entertained having Alfie and Tilly stay with us while my parents are on holiday.
I just feel like I need to breath, actually sit down and take everything in as time is just whizzing by so quickly.

I've had the pleasure of photographing some gorgeous Weddings. Something I am truly in love with and feel totally blessed that these people want me to capture their memories of such an important day. Bookings are slow but steady, and although I'd love a few more for next year, I am still thrilled with what I've accomplished in the first year of Stephanie Dreams Photography and the weddings I will get to photograph over this year and next.

Sam has been my total rock recently. Having rather down times, he's picked me up and flung me into the clouds. I don't know what I'd do without him, and although it's a *pass the sick bucket* kind of moment, he is just my total life and I don't think he'll really ever understand how much I truly appreciate him and everything he does for me.
We've had some wonderful Weekends together, with and without the dogs and are enjoying each others company so much. That might sound like I silly thing to say when you're Husband and Wife, but some times life just carries you away some times, you really need to stop and involve yourself within it.

Some times I feel lonely, seeing people that were once friends that no longer wanted to be. Or evening just girls having wonderful time and fun together really makes me pine for that. I've never been the person with the best friend, and although I have few that mean the world to me I still have that sadness over me some times. It's the caring too much, over thinking to much and worrying too much. I know I am a good person, and would really do anything for my friends, some times we all go off course a little when times aren't great, but I hate when I question that, I hate when I'm not enough.

Last week I headed to Disneyland Paris. I went with Charlotte, and was so excited to be back in the magic. I know Disney can't solve everything, but the trip really helped me get away from it all and took me back to that beautiful park. I'll have a blog post on it shortly, and my vlogs start this Thursday- so subscribe now to be ready!

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