Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Kings Arms, Dinner

I'm always looking for new dog friendly places to visit and enjoy. One that has been on our list for some time is The Kings Arms. It's very close to Westonbirt Arboretum, so the plan was always to walk there and visit the pub for some food later on in the day.

With a very warm week, that we've just left behind, we decided instead to enjoy the pub garden that they boasted on a Monday evening. A little treat after work, for sure!
Sadly Westonbirt was closed at the time we decided to go, but we visited Autumn last year and really loved it, such a wonderful place for the dogs to walk too.

The Kings Arms garden really was very pretty, and perfect for the many people that decided to join us for some food and drinks on that Monday evening. Dogs lined the seats too, so we could tell how dog friendly it was from the very start.
Inside was just as lovely as the garden, and I can only dream of what the dog friendly hotel rooms look like....that's on the wish list, as you can imagine.
They Snuffle dog beer, that we obviously took them up on, as well as a few treats to keep them quiet too. We also bought along the Billy and Margot dog ice cream, so they could enjoy that on the warm evening.

Us humans decided on the burger, and it was a great pick! So well presented [an instagram dream!] and the burger was delish. We both really enjoyed it, and my white wine spritzer helped along the way too.
The dogs had a lovely evening, soaking up the cooler evening sun, eating ice cream and drinking doggy beer- did I mention they are spoilt much?

You can see more of what we got up to last week in my Weekly Vlog

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