Thursday, 12 May 2016

Giraffe Spring Menu

 Trying out food is obviously my favourite thing ever, food and cocktails are even better. So trying out the new Giraffe Spring menu was perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Last Friday we made our way to Bath to have a bit of a "date afternoon" something we never seem to do without the dogs much....yes, they sound like they're our children because they are!

We had the perfect mooch around Bath City in the sunshine, before heading to Giraffe, just before it got busy so we got the pick of most of the restaurant. We found the sweetest corner that still allowed the sun to shine in, quickly picked up the menus and started ordering the delights.

We picked starters, had burgers for our main [with cocktails in between] and shared the yummiest dessert too....such an indulgent food day, but it was all amazing. Giraffe is perfect for "a bit of everything" and this menu is no different.
The afternoon flew by in chatter and drinks, food and laughter. It was so nice to just get out and not have to worry about anything, expect for what cocktail to order next.

 Thanks so much to Giraffe for having us ♥

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