Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Spring Blooms of London

 I always enjoy going to London, especially when you step back from the busy shopping streets and really enjoy it for what it is. London is really such a pretty place to be.
Last Weekend I visited my gorgeous friend, Paige, and we explored the true sights and sounds of London. The pretty streets, bright coloured doors, trees with blooms and roads that have houses that take your breath away. We drank iced tea at Holland Park, skipped along Portobello road and picked up gorgeous flowers from the stalls that are on every corner.
Jumper, Boots & Backpack from Primark| Skirt from Tesco|

This outfit certainly was perfect for exploring London in, it's a style I feel so confident and happy in. These boots are literally my most favourite thing ever, so I really need to invest in a new pair before they give up on me.
Spring and Autumn are always the best for how I dress, I love that tights can still be worn but large coats and hats can be dropped. My sunglasses even made an appearance with those blue skies and fluffy clouds coming to greet us over the Weekend.

I'll soon be packing my bag for a week of walks and relaxation in the Brecon Beacons, before whizzing down the motorway for a Weekend in London. I'm hoping for muddy walks, warm weather and blooms on all the trees. 
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