Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Royal [Canin] Family

 Royal Canin kindly sent us a hamper of goodies, especially for my gorgeous Spaniels, Severus and Lily.
They have just launched "The Royal Family", which is a brand new online hub, pricing all the resources you need to keep you dog happy and healthy through every stage of their life. It’s also designed to help you choose what dog is right for you, through its personalised profile platform. The site has breed specific pages, designed to help current or potential owners of those breeds fully informed as to what nutrition is right for their pets.

To celebrate the launch, Royal Canin sent us a hamper of goodies to try out, including their Cocker Spaniel specific food. Although the working cocker spaniels and show type cockers are different, they picked out this one food for the dogs to try out. Each breed specific diet pin points problems that the food may be able to help or support. 

 Our hamper included the cutest "Treasures" box, a cuddly bone, personalised dog bowls and some of the yummy food to try out too.
Although Sev and Lily and pure bred Cocker Spaniels, Alfie and Tilly are perfectly perfect cross breeds and Royal Canin can help them to, with both size and lifestyle specific diets to help with their needs too ♥
Severus and Lily are on instagram too, so remember to follow their adventures over there.

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