Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wellybix: Bake-a-Bone

I'm pretty sure my pooches are some of the most spoilt around, they were lucky enough to be sent the "Bake-a-Bone" kit from our friends over at Wellybix.
They've been able to try some of the biscuits before, made by the wonderful Alison Walton [no relation, promise!] her home made biscuits got scoffed up in super speedy time when we visited The Fish Hotel, last month. So of course we were all keen to try to bake some our self.

The kits are great, and you get enough to make two batches of biscuits. Simply just adding two eggs, you're good to go. Rolling out the dough and cutting it with the super cute, bone shaped cookie cutter. These kits are the perfect idea for some one who loves the thought of making "home made" dog treats, but isn't really a baking whizz kid. 

 I'm 100% sure that they aren't as good as the original Wellybix Biscuits, but the dogs certainly didn't seem to mind being treated to some yummies over the Weekend.
Have a Hoppy Easter ♥

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