Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The FURminator

When it comes to dog grooming, Sev certainly shies away from me, even if I have treats at hand. Although he is a short haired breed dog, he still needs to be brushed every now and again, especially when he decides going for a walk through the bushes is a good idea. He also has a lot of fluffy undercoat, which we like to keep on top of, to keep him looking as sleek and gorgeous as possible.

I was recently asked by FURminator to try some of their products, including the famous deShedding grooming tool.
I know of FURminator from work, and have used it previously. It takes a lot of the hard work and strain out of dog (and cat) grooming which makes it quicker for the pet your brushing. Because of this, it's a win for Sev and along with treats and fusses, it really helps him look like a true Prince.

The deShedding tool is designed to stop shedding around the home, by quickly and effectively removing the undercoat and lose hair, so that your sofa, clothes, carpets and cars remain free from dog hair. This is such a positive, keeping our home looking as lovely as possible is really important, and having dogs shouldn't stop that.
There's a number of tools you can pick from determined by the size of your pet, and the hair length. The "medium long hair" tool will be perfect for Alfie too, and even though he does strop a bit, he does really like having a good groom and for an eleven year old Collie-Cross it really helps his coat look gorgeous too.

We also got sendt the deShedding shampoo, this is great and smells wonderful. It left the dogs coat feeling so soft and smooth, and even though we had a few sad faces, I'm sure they loved bath time really. The shampoo helps reduce hair lose by realesing the undercoat during the shampoo and bath stages, and not around the home. The deOdorizing Waterless Spray is great to have on hand too, afterall they are spaniels, so mud and puddles are calling them on every walk!

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