Monday, 25 January 2016

Thirty Before 30

Early this month I turned 28, Twenty Eight! I don't think I'm dealing with growing older very well, but I'm not really sure why. I want to turn that around and be excited and happy about doing things I love, even if it means every day I get a little older ♥

Because of this I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of "Thirty Before 30". 30 things I really want to do, a mini bucket list if you like, that I want to tick off the list before the time I turn 30 on January 1st 2018. This gives me just under 2 years to get going!

I've decided to share 10 with you, mainly because I'm a little sensible and am over thinking what I'd actually be able to do. So for now, 10, but there will be updates and more to follow.

Throw Lily her first Birthday Party. Yes, I throw my dogs Birthday parties. Severus has had both a first and second Birthday party, and of course Lily will follow...just with more pink and glitter.

Visit Richmond Park. It's a place I see photos of and want to visit. It will be a pretty and [hopefully] an easy one to achieve.

Complete the Half Marathon. In April I'm running a half marathon. I don't really care about time, because I'll be honest with you- I'm not where I should be on the training front. However, it will just be such a massive achievement if I actually finish it.

Four.Capture my nephews First Birthday with a "Cake Smash" photo shoot. I am so excited for this, and it's the kind of child photography that I love. I can't wait to see it all come together and his little face when he gets to eat the cake!!!

Give blood. Another super easy one, but one I've never managed to do in my life. This will change, and I will give blood.

Go to Columbia Road flower market. It's been on the list to do for so long, so I'm totally going to make it happen. Flowers are my favourite.

Continue to grow, and love, Stephanie Dreams Photography. I'd love to be thinking about making it an actual job at the end of next year. I have a long way to go but it's something I am so passionate about and taking couples Wedding photos is literally a dream come true. [See my photography website here]

Get fitter. So, this sort of goes along with the half marathon, so maybe it's a bit of cheat one. We all know I'm fat, and this isn't really about going on a diet, but more my general lifestyle and actually being fit. I hope to keep up running, so I can actually walk up the stairs without getting out of breathe.

Hit 2000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It's something I've really kicked up the ass in the last few years, and I really really love it. I love when a video goes live, and I love the creativity of making a one. I think the theme is following my blog, Disney, dogs and vlogs. If you'd like to make my day and watch some videos and subscribe you can do so here.

Be at Disneyland Paris for my 30th Birthday. Ideally staying at Disneyland Hotel [but the sensible side of me thinks that would be silly!] Sadly we can't make it back to Walt Disney World for a few years yet, but my love for Disneyland Paris has just grown and grown, so I'll be more than happy to spend my Birthday with that gorgeous castle and Donald Duck.
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