Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 Goals and Dreams

I feel like I just needed to type, I don't even think I have many thoughts going through my head right now, but I just wanted to blog ♥

I don't do "New Years Resolutions" but there are a few things that I'd love to achieve in 2016, so I thought I'd share them with you (along with my rambles).
Sam and I have registered for a Half Marathon in April! Yes, April. No, I can't run. Completing this is something that has to happen, for my self, to know I can do this. I'm not setting any time limit, because just finishing it is what's important to me.
I want to give blood. In my 28 years off life I've never done it, and I really need to. I really really want to.
Building up my Wedding Photography portfolio is something I'm both scared about and utterly excited about. I've really found a love with photography like nothing else and to capture special moments on such an important day is something that gives me happy butterflies
Keep blogging! I feel like I want to just blog all the time, I feel inspired to, but then at the moment I feel a little lost with content and what I'm putting out there. I'm also really enjoying making videos, and although I still have a long way to go to make it perfect (and I may need a few more viewers too) it's something I really enjoy.
I've also been Snap chatting a lot, you can find me at "Steph Dreams Blog" come and follow in my daily photos and adventures.

Next Saturday we pick up our little girl, Sev's new sister, and we become a two dog household. We basically won't leave the house and I'll just be cuddling my puppies and husband (while taking too many photos) because we have no funds to do anything else. I wouldn't change anything for the world though. I love my little family!



  1. Great goals!! I would love to give blood. I'm doing a half marathon too, and then a marathon. I don't run either. Good luck!!

  2. How excited getting another dog! Good luck with training for the half marathon, that'll be tight going. I hope you're having a wonderful start to your year :)

    Honestly Aine

  3. Good luck with training for the half marathon, Steph!! What an exciting goal! Can't wait to meet Sev's new sister too (:

  4. Good luck with your half marathon! You can totally do it :D Looking forward to seeing more puppy photo's too :) xxx

  5. I'm so excited about your new family member, I expect a million and one cute puppy photos please!! xx

  6. lovely post ! Good luck with everything :)

  7. A half marathon is pretty amazing and I can't wait to see your new puppy!

    Maria xxx

  8. Sooo impressed you signed up to a marathon!! You're gunna kick ass. :) Yay for an adorable new puppy!

    T xx

  9. Oh bloody good luck with the half. It's...HARD but you'll feel amazing afterwards! And happy puppy collection eve to you, it's too much -I can't wait for the puppy spam.
    M x


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