Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tilly's Amazing World

Along with Purina Pro Plan, I'll be sharing the dogs "Best Days Ever!" and what we can do each and every day to make our dogs world amazing, which in turn obviously makes us feel good too.

Tilly is a funny soul, she's the weird one, which I love so much about her. She's rather sensitive, loves a morning cuddles and her tongue gives the cheekiest of kisses- even when you're not expecting them. She was a rescue from a puppy, and all we know is that her Mum was some sort of spaniel. She's clever when she wants to be, but compared to Alfie she gets bored and won't listen as much. She loves her Alfie-Bear a lot, and always looks for him in situations when she's not so sure. Tilly is a great swimmer, and she looks being let free in a big field, running crazy and getting the proper exercise she needs.

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1 comment

  1. I can see why this is her favourite park! The little close up at the end of the video was so cute. :)

    T xx


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