Monday, 14 December 2015

Happy Blog Birthday Stephanie Dreams

On the 10th of December my blog turned 6 years old, six whole years old. I've been blogging on my little internet space for a long time, and I'm still very much in love with it and enjoy it like no other hobby I've had.

Stephanie Dreams has become a part of me, apart of my daily lifestyle and a part of what I do and love. It may only be small, only a handful of people may read it, but it's something I'm proud of and have such a huge passion for.
The "blogosphere" has certainly changed a lot in that time, people have come and gone, and I've become fond of some wonderful blogs and bloggers, but it's still somewhere I want to be and something I want to be apart of....even if no one comments any more (always a huge Thank you to the girls that always do- I know who you are ♥)
Jumper from Primark| Skirt c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Boots from Newlook

 I've been waiting to wear my gorgeous Poppy Lux skirt, and this festive Weekend with friends seemed the perfect opportunity. It's even more gorgeous in real life, the length is perfection and it's so lovely for all the Christmas parties and outings around this time of you.
It's going to be my go to skirt for different occasions for a long time, I'm even having dreams of taking it to September!
Don't miss the gorgeous Christmas and Winter range at Sugarhill, it's truly beautiful.


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