Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Festive Night In

Nightwear c/o Debenhams

This time of year is perfect for getting comfy and cosy. Although when I'm not at work, during the week day, you'll usually still find me in PJ's or comfy clothes, when it gets to November and December, some how it feels totally allowed.
Debenhams kindly sent us a box of festive goodies, as well as some gorgeous nightwear, to have a relaxing night in while getting ready for Christmas (Yes! I just said Christmas)

We had such a lovely night in, fizz followed by hot chocolate while cuddling Sev and having winter candles burn.

We are starting to look forward to Christmas time, my work party is just next Weekend and I've started getting more and more presents through the post. I love getting everyone together and having fun, drinking a little too much and gifting goodies to loved ones ♥



  1. cute post ! Loving the pictures :)

  2. Ah I can't believe it's so soon! Christmas really is coming!

  3. Love this - your pictures are so cute! Cosy nights in are what Winter is about.

    Carrie xx //

  4. I've just found your blog and I love it!
    Crazy how much I like you because of how much of a dog person you are :)

  5. Oh this looks so cosy! I love the fairy lights.

    Emma Xx


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