Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Disneyland Paris For our Wedding Anniversary

In October we celebrated our First Year Wedding Anniversary, of course the best way was to visit Disneyland Paris for our Wedding Anniversary.
Not being able to get to Walt Disney World, it was the perfect trip to visit the magic and enjoy the Disney bubble.
Disneyland Paris for our Wedding Anniversary

It totally made sense to be in Disney for our wedding anniversary. It's our happy place, the place we love, the place full of magic ♥

The first day was spent visiting the #1 duck himself, Donald. Skipping up and down main street, watching the parades and then the gorgeous castle show- Dreams. We then had a lovely anniversary meal at California Grill. The food was good but the bill was very high, and it didn't feel as special as Walt Disney World. We had a lovely evening though, and glad to try something new at Disneyland Paris for our Wedding Anniversary.

The second day was spent at studio park, doing a few rides and had a little adventure around before heading back to the beauty of Disneyland Park. I've lost the love for Studios, some what. Although there's some awesome rides it just doesn't feel as special and magical. 
More prancing around and watching the parades before being the last ones on Main Street and heading home for the evening.

The last day was a short one, and I literally could have spent the day on the bench at the end of main street. Taking it all in, all the dreams and all the magic, all the things that fill my heart with love. We managed to meet Minnie and Mickey, as well as chip and dale too!

Disneyland Paris for our Wedding Anniversary was as perfect as always, the sweet photos we got with the Wedding Anniversary flag made for such great pictures, that will make amazing memories for many anniversaries to come. 
If you'd like to follow along with my Disney journey, you can watch my Disney vlogs here.
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