Monday, 24 August 2015

"Walkies" App

Walkies is a dog walking tracker app that helps get your furry friend healthy and fit, by doing what they love to do- walking and running. Map your dog walk and track your distance, average speed, top speed, and the calories burned by both you and your pet. Save and print your dog walks, email and message them, or share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
As well as tracking your pets walks, it also gives ideas of top walks in your local area, which we really love as we're always looking for our next canine adventure together.
I loved using the app, it's super easy to just have it running on your phone while you walk- although I think we need to get Sevvy a backpack so he can actually be tracked himself (he certainly runs and walks further and faster than me)

The beautiful Fred uses the app on his blog Fit Fred. So it's great to see it in action by others too. As canine obesity is a huge problem in the UK, and almost of half of Vets have treated dogs for obesity related conditions in the last 12 months. Working as a Veterinary Nurse I see this all the time, and love the idea of Fred's blog as it as they share pet recipes, expert nutrition advice as well as following Fred's fitness story to help create a nation of happy and healthy dogs.

I'd love to hear about your dog walks, let me know in the comments or tweet me where you like to go. Our every day route is along the gorgeous Avon and Kennet Canal, but we love local parks and woodland areas too.
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