Monday, 10 August 2015

On Becoming an Aunty...

Meet Jaxson Nicholas Luke ♥

 I never thought I'd be an Aunty, it's just not something that ever really crossed my mind and even when Becky told me she was pregnant it still didn't become a big deal until I actually met the little man.
I don't want children, we don't want children, we don't think we'll have children, so little Jaxson bear may just be the changing or the making of that....I have a feeling puppies will still win strong.My sister and I have a strained relationship, although I know she's always there for me and she would help the best she could, a friendship is never something we had.

I feel like the most special part of Jaxson joining us in this world is that Becky and I are becoming more close, and that feeling is so wonderful, something I've longed for for so long and makes me cry with happiness.

People keep asking if it's making me broody, which it honestly isn't (yet) but it's a wonderful feeling. It's a feeling of content and happiness, I want to show him off and I feel I want to protect him already. I just feel so much love and warmth for this little dude, nothing like I've ever felt for a baby before and not that I ever will do again....unless she pops out another one

I feel so proud of my sister, I love her more and more each time I see him and she's just getting on with it and being a pretty awesome Mum.

♥ My jobs as "The Best Aunty Ever" include- photo shoots, all the photos shoots. I'm planning his 1/2 Birthday and 1st Birthday including cake smash, already. As well as his new born photos, which you can see more of on Stephanie Dreams Photography
♥ Buying him the coolest outfit, to make him look like the most dapper dude. We're off on a canal boat day at the Weekend, so he obviously has to have anchor print dungaree's for the occasion.♥Planning Birthday parties, not one Becky really knows about yet, but I am so excited to help with his 1st Birthday.

♥ Disney trips, I've penciled in his first one for his 3rd Birthday. We'll be going to Disneyland Paris, I'd book it already if I could!
♥ Walking with him down the aisle when Becky & Josh get married. I sort of shot gunned this job, but it only seems right I do it. They're getting married next December and I can't wait to see my beautiful sister looking the most beautiful and walking with her little man who is going to possibly steal the show in his bow tie and waist coat (again, this is yet to be arranged but I'm thinking Bex will go for it!)


  1. This is just beautiful! And what a handsome little chap he is.
    My first neicey/nephewy thing is due next year and I am SO EXCITED, of course for the baby but also that I think it might bring me and my brother a little closer too.
    Can't wait to see more of that little squishy face on the blog Steph,
    M x

  2. Haha. I love your lost of plans for this little man. So cute.
    And he is just adorable and those are some beautiful pictures too! Can't wait to see all the events you're planning for him - including these nautical pictures!

    Jim's sister is prego at the moment and I am hoping it makes Jim a bit broody as he's really not into kids, or maybe we'll just surround ourselves with puppies too. I'd be ok with that I think. Jane and I are already planning photo shoots for her baby. The best one, as Flash already has a santa suit, is dressing the baby as rudolf and shooting them together! Because that seems right doesn't it!

    I really like the honesty about you and your sister too. I feel that people look at me like I am strange when I say my brother and I aren't really friends. The dogs have brought us closer together but I don't think we'd ever be besties. xx

  3. I am also an Auntie to a Jaxson, so couldn't resist commenting!
    Being an Auntie is my favourite thing ever - my little man is 6 (& a half!) years old now, but he still astounds and amazes me, & makes me SO proud - every single day. That feeling you have now when you look at him - the novelty doesn't wear off! :D x

  4. Awww, he's so handsome! I ADORE my niece but I don't feel broody, if anything I'm a little put off. I 100% want kids but definitely not anytime soon - I like my sleep too much.

    Tara x


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