Monday, 31 August 2015

My Prime Lens Obsession

Canon 35m f/2, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Canon 85mm f/1.8

I first fell in love with prime lenses when I had my first Nikon DSLR. I upgraded to the 35mm prime and it was perfect! I'd heard a lot about the 50mm around the "blogging scene" for some time, but this was cheap and cheerful and I'm so glad I went for it. I now know it, as many other photographers, as the "nifty 50...and it is!

Fast forward a few years later and I'm now a Canon girl, but adore my prime lenses....I have a few!
Sadly leaving Nikon behind meant leaving the similar lens from Canon behind too, as it was so expensive, but then came my obsession with my 50mm. I had the 50mm f/1.8 for a long time, it was my lens for almost everything and I loved blogging with it. When I thought about upgrading I really struggled to find something different enough, but that I'd love as much. In the end I went for the same lens but with the f/1.4 instead. It's been a great choice, and I highly recommend the upgrade if you have the money too...especially if you love shallow depth of field, like me.

Truth be told you don't "need" all the prime lenses I have, a lot of people would actually say it's a little wasteful, especially as they're so close in focus lengths. The 35mm and 85mm are the perfect combo though, I just feel like I'm holding on to my 50mm for my blog, and because it's a true love of mine ♥

Taken with the 35mm

Taken with the 50mm

Taken with the 85mm

I love the 35mm for taking closer photos, certain portraits (especially in side with less room) as well as food photography. Although it has a smaller aperture than the others, it's still works really well and is a light and easy lens.
My 50mm is no doubt my go to blogging lens, for everything from outfits to products and it's the one I use to film my YouTube videos with, too. The large aperture is perfect for the dreamy shallow depth of photos too.
The 85mm is my new baby and gorgeous for portraits as it's really sharp. It's also wonderful for things that may be further away due to the focal length.

Why go prime?
* Sharper images
*Lighter- the lens it self is physically lighter in weight
*Less expensive- these lenses are usually a lot more affordable
*Wider F/stops- This truly tops everything. Beautiful shallow depth of field and they let in so much light
*Skill development- Because I love my lenses I want to learn more and this has grown more and more and obviously got to the stage of Stephanie Dreams Photography



  1. Great post! xx

  2. I have all three of these lenses though, although I barely use my 85 and am thinking of selling it. But you're right - I nearly almost prefer my images through these three than the other lenses I own

  3. What lens do you use when you're in the Disney parks? I want to stick with just one that will take great photos in the parks, in low light restaurants & of food!

  4. I'm new to prime lenses and I bought my first which was a Nikon 50mm about 5 months ago. I loved the sharpness of the images but found that for work where I take close up shots of wedding set ups I needed the 35mm, so I now have that too. I adore the narrow depth of field of these lenses. I wonder though if I had bought the 35mm first, whether I would have bought the 50mm.


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