Thursday, 14 May 2015

What I'm Loving Right Now...

They're the craze of the moment and I certainly know why, this cute little things are too much to handle. These guys came from Japan, from a game to an app and now the soft toy version. Everyone seems to be loving them! Little Winnie the Pooh is no doubt my fav and Donald has been taken to Sev's toy basket a fair few times.

Dorothy Perkins Shoes

I've no idea what's happened recently, but I've gone a little shoe mad. You can't blame me with this gorgeous duo though ♥
The blue ones are what dreams are made of, I think I actually jumped up and down when I saw them in my size. The cream jeweled ones are going to keep me and my Bridesmaid dress happy in a few weeks time, I think they're the perfect height and are going to go with so much after the Wedding too.

Our Home

I'm truly loving our living room at the moment. It seems so cosy, and I love the splash of blue to bring in the Spring and Summer (when the sun decides to have his hat on every now and again). The house has been filled with fresh blooms, and pretty scented candles- I just it.

Being a Blogger

Something a little different, as I hardly read magazine any more- but I'm excited to say I've done a few blog posts over at Magazine. Elle Decoration has been my fav of all of them, even if we can't decorate in such a lavish way, I still love getting inspiration and basically just love looking at the pictures!Magazine is great for subscribing to your favoruite magazines, they have so much to pick from and it's certainly worth a look- great for any present for yourself or a loved one.

Fresh Flowers

Need I say any more? They just brighten our home and put a smile on my face ♥

This is no doubt the place to go for gorgeous stationary and gifts! Sian, my Best friend recently had her Hen Do, I reached out to Oh Squirrel, after she did such a fab job on my own hen party sash. She whipped up some gorgeous pieces and both I and Sian were thrilled with the result. It's all so pretty and made with love....we're leaving the tacky satin sashes behind.                                                                                                       



  1. Oh my, those baby blue shoes are just beautiful Steph! I love that Tsum Tsums are getting more popular back in the UK ^^ I had such a crazy collection a few years ago but it's all boxed up now. We even had a Tsum Tsum festival here in Hong Kong last month - every part as cute and crazy as it sounds ;) hope you're well lovely! x

  2. tsum tsums are so cuuuuute! i have to go and cuddle one whenever i see them xx

  3. I love Tsum Tsum's too! Dumbo is probably my favourite, and Figaro too! xx

  4. The shoes, the shoes! So delightful and disney princess-esque x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  5. those blue shoes! I need them in my life <3

  6. Loving those shoes and your home looks lovely and some homely! The Tsums Tsums are so cute, I got sucked into buying a little Minnie the other day! xo


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