Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Did I mention to any of my readers that I own a dog, no, I don't mention it a lot do I?! *chuckles*
Severus is now a year and a half, part of me feels like he was a young pup just a few months ago, and part of me feels like he's been with us for so long. I'm certainly a dog friendly person, having Alfie and Tilly at home, it's something Sam and I always knew we'd do- adding a furry friend to our family.
Even having known Tilly from a puppy, and dealing with bot
h dogs in all walks of life, it still felt a whole new experience with having Sev from a puppy. 

Sev was a rather difficult puppy, he tested us at every point and even now he's a cheeky boy. He needs a lot of attention, a lot of love, effort that you have to take into account in every way. When do we walk him, when do we feed him, what happens when we go to work, what happens when we have a night out or a day away. We're crazy dog people, and try to do as much as possible with Sev- he's even coming to London with us, for a sight seeing Weekend in the next few months. Your whole life changes, for us it's no doubt for the better, but it's still something that's a huge commitment, so you have to be ready. 

The RSPCA would love to see photo's of your woofers- use the #Puppylove and tag @rspca_official (on twitter) and @official_rspca (on Instagram)

The RSPCA have some great advice for new dog and puppy owners, I think it's easy to think it will all be wonderful puppy smiles and lovely pooch smooches- but it's important to understand what you're getting in to. The last thing we want is for dogs to go into rescue centers when they deserve loving homes. The RSPCA are a unique animal welfare charity, they strive to help animals to ensure they have a happy and pain free life, with campaigns they do, research they help with, laws they've bought in and rescue centers they support.                                   

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