Monday, 23 March 2015

Loving Lately...

I bit the bullet and decided to finally order the chip mug. He's been on my wish list for so long, and after failing to find him at Walt Disney World in October, I've been lusting after him big style. This little guy is from the Tokyo Disney parks, via eBay, and he is just perfection. As well as just generally making me happy & looking the cutest thing in photos, he is my last prop for my Cosplay. I'm all ready now and can't wait to put the character together and get my photos taken!

Oh Snapey boy! Gosh I love this dog. Don't get me wrong, I adore Alfie & Tilly too, but I think because he's ours it feels different and because he lives with us. He's been such a monkey recently, but I still can't get enough of him. I feel slightly obsessed with him, which is probably a bit of a weird thing to say, but I've been really inspired by the pet instagram accounts that he follows (with @3_spaniels) and taking photos of him with wonderful props and set ups.

This gorgeous gold foil Disney print by Dottie Rocks, is what dreams are made of. I asked for a custom make some months ago that I never actually got around to confirming. I then "stole" this wording from the Paris quote and thought it worked amazingly. We still don't have a proper home for it, but I think with some wonderful Disney items and on a white floating shelf is where I imagine it. 

How cool is this amazing tee that I had done by the gorgeous Tabitha at Fairytale Sparkle, I'd seen it on some Tumblr page and we finally got around to talking about it and what a wonderful job she did. I can't wait to style it up, especially with my amazing Newlook ice cream clutch- sickly sweet outfit much, YES! I love it.

The Cinderella Mac collection is close to perfection, a very neutral and wearable collection perfect for any Princess. Tabitha was my fairy god mother, yet again, and managed to pick these items up for me. The beauty powder is actually gorgeous, I can't wait to style it up and I'm hoping to show you a new look in a video soon. 

My Instagram account
I have been trying really hard with my photos recently, and I feel like my instagram account has been a huge creative outlook. Okay, so it's silly photos, that don't mean a lot. You know what though, they're photo's I'm proud of and feel happy and proud to share.                            
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