Saturday, 14 February 2015

Things I'm Loving...

Valentines Day Cards
I'm neither for or against Valentines Day, however coming down to flowers and this card from Sam this morning made my heart flutter. Sam and I had our first date on Valentines Day, so some how it always makes it feel a little more special, especially as our first Valentines as Mr & Mrs.
I also received a card from Crown and Glory (which you can see on my instagram) which was the perfect pick me up from a stressful week ♥

Floral Delights
Not only have I indulged in bringing flowers into the house again this week, after missing out for most of January, I received these beauts from Sam and some gorgeous tulips from my parents when we had them over for dinner last Weekend.
This vase is also a huge favourite of mine, and everyone seems to ask about it on my social media channels too. It was a present from Sam, for Christmas, I think it's so very perfect and pretty. 

Honeymoon Canvas c/o Wall Create
We've slowly been building up our wedding and honeymoon photos and prints. Our living room and hall way has some wonderful memories in frame and on canvas, but I wanted some more around the house (because you can never have enough) I adore this photo that was taken by our friend, Tom, it was on our Fireworks Cruise the week after we got married. It was such a fun night and my heart fills with happiness just looking at it and thinking of what an amazing time we had on that special trip.
You can receive 15% off your order with the code "stephaniedreams" & watch out for a full review and giveaway coming shortly. 

Stephanie Dreams
I'm feeling very content with my blog at the moment, although I'm not getting up as many posts as I like, I still feel happy with what I'm putting out there and the features I'm publishing. I'm trying to push it as much as possible, take up every opportunity and event I'm able to and post what I love to some wonderful readers. I'm also excited with my "Latest Posts" tab, thanks to the wonderful Abby. I hope you're enjoying reading as much as I am posting.

I've recently joined a Disney Brides gift exchange, I spend a small amount of money on a secret pal, and hope to fill their days with joy. In exchange I also have someone send goodies to me, this month was the first and I got this amazing Kate Spade notebook. It's what I'd call perfection, as most Kate items are ♥
I also received a lovely box of goodies from Flamingo Gifts, which I'm excited to share with you in a feature post. For now, here is the amazing Ted Baker Rose Gold pen, hear right!

I found these awesome Disney and Harry Potter inspired scents on Maple and Whisky, as soon as I saw them I got excited I had to make an order! Main Street Bakery is perfection, I could literally close my eyes and picture myself at that magical place ♥                                     


  1. That photo of you too is so sweet!

    Julia x

  2. Oooh kate spade. I mauled all the bags in selfridges at the weekend and one day they will be mine!


  3. I love the photo of you! The fireworks going off in the background makes it lovely! And the vase is lovely! Flowers are pretty too!


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