Monday, 16 February 2015

Pedigree Tracks App

Pedigree Tracks App- Free

As a Veterinary nurse I see a lot of dogs come into practice, for all sorts of reasons. Since working there I've truly noticed the weight problem that seems to haunt dogs in their life, so it really didn't surprise me that 43% of UK dogs are over weight (wow!)
A lot of people aren't aware of this, and we now think a lean dog is "far too skinny" and the dog with no waist line is "perfectly healthy". This really isn't the case, and along with so many health problems, over weight dogs are getting a bad deal- it is their owners, after all, that are feeding them. 

Pedigree have made a wonderful app to help with knowing how much your dog should eat and how much exercise they should be getting on a daily basis. Although this is partnered to work with the Pedigree diet, there's still so much in the app you can use to help you along the way if you struggle with your dogs weight. Sev and I however did use the diet while trialing the app, and it was all so easy and simple to work. Severus seems to like the food (there's not much he doesn't like though!) He eats dry complete dog food, and Pedigree pride them self on theirs supporting the immune system, helping with a healthy skin and coat, good for digestion and helps cleans your dogs teeth too.  

The app starts with taking some general facts about your pooch and you can upload a photo before you get going. A quick "health check" will let you know what your dogs body weight is like, giving you (and the app) a good idea on what you have to do for him to be ideal. As I'm aware, Sev came out as lean, which is perfectly where I want him. Be true to the answers though, as the steps are great for you to check the body condition of your animal.
It will then calculated the food intake your dog should be receiving, and can track the exercise they're having too. You pop in what they're doing (running off lead, going mental in the house etc) and start the timer when they get going. It also gives you some amazing ideas for when it's grey and raining outside, as well as teaching some basic commands and "tricks" that every dog should learn- remember it's about stimulating the mind too!

If you've no idea how to tell your dogs ideal body weight, to struggle to get the activities in daily or if just think this app is an awesome idea (it really is!) then go download Pedigree Tracks app & help your furry friends.                                                                                                
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