Monday, 2 February 2015

"Love is......"

The lovely people over at Virgin Experience Days wanted me to review an awesome date that they're offering for Valentines Day. When you're asked "What is love?" it can be a bit of tricky question, lots of things can be love. From being greeted by Sev when I get home everyday, with that crazy waggy tail. To buying flowers each week and dotting them around our wonderful house. It can be going to see my Granddad for a cuppa, to walking down the street holding hands with Sam, knowing that he's my Husband.

Our date day consisted of Afternoon tea at the Hilton Mayfair, followed by champagne up the Shard. I'm pretty happy to say doing those things, with Sam by my side, was certainly a lovely day ♥

We started the day with afternoon tea at the Hilton, it's the one near Green Park, and super easy to find from the tube station. I was impressed straight away from the service and lovely girl that helped us pick our tea and serve our goodies. She was on hand to help at any point and certainly made sure we had enough tea or cocktails (for me!). This has been the best Afternoon tea I've gone to, in terms of the tea available. 

After eating our body weight in scones and cake, it was time to head off to the Shard viewing gallery. Sadly this grey day wasn't on our side, even though I did try to book our time their for sunset, it ended up being a little pointless. They let you in up to half an hour before your time slot, and it was very easy to buy or pick up any tickets before heading up the lifts. You get in two lifts altogether, and then a set of stairs takes you to the 69th Floor. This is where the champagne is, so obviously we stopped here first of all and took in all the beautiful London sights. We headed up tho the 72nd Floor, which felt more outside with the wind blowing above your head, and certainly less people viewing from this point. We felt so high, and it was really lovely looking down onto the streets lighting up. 

We had such a wonderful day, that ended with buying roses from a market stall and possibly a cheeky five guys (shush, don't tell any one!)   


  1. Ah this sounds like such a perfect day out steph!

  2. Awww, these views look incredible! What a looove-ly day. ;)

    Tara x

  3. Looks like a fun time!! Happy early Valentine's Day! xoxo


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