Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dog Walking with Mountain Warehouse

Coats and Dog Lead c/o Mountain Warehouse

I love my pretty dresses, heeled boots and making my hair look a little special.....but my life isn't always like that. I love my little family, we're such a dog-friendly trio now, and naturally we adore our dog walks and getting out in that lovely countryside, that we live in ♥

We got to wrap up super cosy on a recent walk thanks to Mountain Warehouse's Dog Walking attire. Sevvy even got a new lead for his adventures. Living in England, even in the warmer months, it can get chilly on long walks. Let alone the low temperatures it's been recently, so our coats did just the trick. 

My gorgeous burgundy fur trim hood waterproof jacket is a dream, such light weight, comfy and I adore the colour too. The hood stays up even in the windiest weathers, which is what we're going to need in a few weeks time when we go down to the coast for the Weekend. 
Sam's coat is just as comfortable and kept him warm too, he can use his as both a soft shell jacket, a waterproof, or all together. He has an "obsession" with soft shells, so this coat is a dream for him- black hides all the muddy dog paw prints too!
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